How to File for Unemployment in Dallas, Texas

The state of Texas offers unemployment insurance benefits to individuals that are unemployed through no fault of their own.  These benefits are made possible by the Texas Unemployment Compensation Act of the Texas Labor Code.  There are multiple ways to file for unemployment in Dallas, Texas. You can file over the phone, file online, or file in person.  Here are the steps to file for unemployment benefits in Dallas, Texas.

You need to collect the information necessary to file your unemployment claim: social security number, last employer’s name and address, date you started working for your last employer, number of hours worked the last week, your wage information, Texas Driver’s License number or identification number.

You can file for unemployment benefits over the phone by calling the Texas Workforce Commission Unemployment Insurance Tele-Center at 1-800-939-6631 on weekdays between 7 AM and 7 PM.  Use the information from Step 1 to file over the phone.

You can also file for unemployment benefits online at the Texas Workforce Commission website using the online form.  Click “Start” to begin the application.   Use the information from Step 1 to fill out the form. 

If your unemployment claim is approved, your claim will be active the Sunday of the week you filed your application.  You will receive a TWC Unemployment Insurance debit card in the mail to receive your benefits payments.  You can return to the Texas Workforce Commission website or call the Tele-Center to make a payment request every week with your Tele-Serv PIN. 

To continue to receive payments, you must be physically able to work and actively search for work from a local Dallas Texas Workforce Center.

If you want to file in person or if you have further questions, you can visit your local Dallas Texas Workforce Center.