How to File for Unemployment in Lane County, Oregon

In today’s tough economy, unemployment is at record levels. It can be very stressful trying to find a job and adjusting to the changing job market. The state of Oregon offers unemployment insurance payments to provide financial help to unemployed people that meet the requirements. If you are unemployed in Lane County, Oregon, here are some steps to apply for unemployment.

Gather the following information required to file your claim: name, contact information, social security number, name and address of employer of last 18 months, date you started working with your last employer, date of final day of work with your last employer, driver’s license number.

Go to the Oregon Employment Department website and access the online claim system for unemployment insurance at:  

Fill out the information in the form with the information you gathered in Step 1 to start filing your claim for unemployment benefits online.

If you cannot file online, you can file in person at your local Lane County Unemployment Insurance Office.