How to Respond to a Demand Letter

If you have received a demand letter, and you believe it is in error or the allegations are wrong, you should probably respond to the demand letter in some fashion. You can do this by simply calling the person who made the demand, or you may also put your response on the record and in writing. The following article provides a guide on how to draft a response to a demand letter.

In your first sentence, acknowledge receipt of the demand letter and state that your letter is in response to the demand letter.

If you believe allegations have been made against you that are incorrect, in a couple of sentences, briefly recap or recite the false or incorrect allegations and point out that they are false or incorrect.

In your next couple of sentences, address each allegation in turn explaining what the true facts are and why the demand letter is inaccurate.

Then, reinforce that you are in the right by stating that you have done nothing wrong.
If the party who made the demand has wronged you in some fashion and it supports a claim, you may assert in the letter that you have claims against that party and describe the bases for your claims.

If you describe your own claims as noted above, assuming you are willing to do so, you can state that you are prepared to assert your claims if the other party institutes an action against you.

In your last sentence, if you would like to invite a discussion on the subject of the letter, you may ask the other party to contact you to discuss the matter in more detail.

If you have any questions about a potential legal matter you are facing, you should always contact an attorney.